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HPP Split Lobster: New Retail Packaging for North American Market

Press Release from Gidney Fisheries CEO, Barry C. Gidney

December 8, 2020

Digby, Nova Scotia – Around the world, the retail food industry has seen a major surge in the demand for High Pressure Processing (HPP) lobster products.

It is the HPP shucking of the product that allows for an incredible 100% recovery of edible lobster meat. Unlike cooked lobster products, HPP does not require food additives or preservatives which can adulterate the flavor of the end product. 

In addition, high-pressure processing is considered one of the most humane ways to process live lobster by PETA and WWF. 

This is why HPP delivers the highest quality lobster products to the retail market. It ensures raw lobster at peak freshness and ultimate convenience for the consumer. 

As an industry leader, Gidney Fisheries is incredibly proud to introduce their NEW retail-ready box for HPP Split Lobsters – available now.

The new retail box accommodates two split lobsters which contain the meat of one half tail and full meat of the claw and knuckle placed within the half body shell. Also available is their new retail label for a single split lobster. 

We feel our timing is perfect as the global consumer is pivoting their buying patterns and lobster is becoming increasingly enjoyed within the home setting,” says CEO, Barry C. Gidney.

For further details concerning their new retail packaging for the North American seafood market, please contact their Director of Sales, John Martin.

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