Easiest and freshest lobster you’ll ever work with

The preferred choice of top chefs

High-pressure processed (HPP) lobster is prized by the food service industry due to its convenience, flexibility and freshness.

  • No food additives or preservatives: 100% lobster
  • Allows for more creative dishes
  • No shucking required
  • Sustainable: MSC certified and wild-caught
  • BRCGS for Food Safety certificated
  • Available year-round

HPP frozen lobster meat

  • ensures absolute freshness
  • preserves the natural juices and flavor of the lobster meat
  • is one of only two methods approved by PETA and WWF for animal welfare
  • delivers lobster without the hassle or mess
  • 100% recovery of edible lobster meat

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Our frozen lobster products

Individually vacuum packed

Lobster Products
  • 2 claws, 2 knuckles, and tail meat (pictured)
  • Tail meat
  • Split lobster (half lobster with claw and knuckle inserted into body cavity)

Available in various size ranges.

2 or 1 lb vacuum packs

Lobster products
  • Claw, knuckle, tail (CKT) meat (pictured)
  • Tail meats
  • Claw, knuckle (CK) meat
  • Jumbo CK
  • Jumbo CKT

Available in various size ranges.

Frozen in shell

Lobster products
  • Green tail (in shell – pictured)
  • Whole frozen

Available in various sizes.

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