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Quality Live Lobster

Why Gidney Lobsters?

Hard shell premium Gidney lobsters (Homarus Americanus) are a healthier and stronger species because of their migration areas in the cold waters of Bay of Fundy and Saint Mary’s Bay Nova Scotia.

We have the highest quality lobster in the world.

Our people know lobster and our strict quality control measures ensure only the best lobsters reach our customers.

We complete daily blood protein analysis on our lobsters to measure the blood protein levels that show biological maturity ensuring that our lobster will live well in our facility and live long and well for our customers after international shipment. This applied lobster science confirms that our lobsters are the highest quality with the highest blood protein levels in the industry.

A healthier stronger lobster stays alive longer. With extremely low mortality rates you will always receive better value with Gidney lobsters.
A healthier lobster has a higher ratio of meat-to-shell which means better value. A hard shell Gidney lobster can have up to 50% more meat than a non-hard shell lobster.

Our facility’s location on the shore of the Bay of Fundy guarantees naturally cold pristine ocean water and a year round supply. Our new facility will hold approximately 800,000 pounds of live lobster in a temperature controlled, oxygen, ammonia and salinity monitored environment.

Our facility is close to the supply. We buy directly from fishermen who have a long history of properly handling lobster. A shorter supply chain guarantees quality.

We are dedicated to sustainability. We have a long family history of protecting the resources that support our communities.

Sizes and Grades of Lobster:

Canners:0.67 – 0.88 lb300 – 400 g
Small Chix:0.88 – 1.10 lb400 – 500 g
Large Chix:1.10 – 1.32 lb500 – 600 g
Quarters:1.32 – 1.54 lb600 – 700 g
Halves:1.54 – 1.76 lb700 – 800 g
Small Selects:1.76 – 1.98 lb800 – 900 g
Medium Selects:1.98 – 2.43 lb900 – 1100 g
Large Selects:2.43 – 2.98 lb1100 – 1350 g
Small Jumbo:2.98 – 3.97 lb1350 – 1800 g
Medium Jumbo:3.97 – 5.95 lb1800 – 2700 g
Large Jumbo: 5.95 – 7.94 lb2700 – 3600 g +
Super Jumbo:7.94 +3600g +
Market Grade:0.99 – 1.98 lb450 – 900 g
Small Culls:0.99 – 1.54 lb450 – 700 g
Medium Culls:1.54 – 5.95 lb700 – 2700 g
Large Culls:5.96 lb +2700 g +