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Live Lobster

Gidney Fisheries Ltd. promises to deliver the highest quality premium hard shell Atlantic lobster and the freshest seafood products available.

We buy directly from the fishermen of Digby Neck and deliver anywhere in the world. Though shipping live lobster is very complicated, we have it down to a science. Our strategic relationships with select freight-forwarders, airlines and customs brokerages ensure that we deliver our premium product on time, cost effectively and in excellent health. We demand a temperature controlled environment and they must be handled with the highest standard of care. We add temperature sensors in every shipment to ensure your lobster are properly maintained from our home to yours.

Whether it’s within Canada or around the world, we guarantee your satisfaction. We ship from airports in Halifax, Montreal, Toronto or Boston – we will work with you to select a route that ensures your lobster arrives where and when you require it. Trucking is also available for our North American customers.

Our modern temperature controlled lobster facilities are equipped with the latest technology in refrigerated, oxygenated seawater and lobster tray holding systems. This allows Gidney Fisheries to supply our customers with live hard-shell lobster 12 months of the year.

HPP Lobster

Our High Pressure Processed (HPP) lobster is initially frozen between -70°C to -80°C immediately after processing, then maintained at a cool -30°C for storage and transportation, ensuring the highest quality lobster meat when it is time for preparation. As with our Live lobster, we can ship your HPP lobster via air, truck or by container ship. You determine when and where you would like your product and we will ensure that the logistics are taken care of efficiently and at very competitive rates.

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