History - Gidney Fisheries
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The Gidneys settled on Digby Neck in 1789. In 1892 my great grandfather, Samuel Gidney began buying lobsters in Mink Cove, Digby County, Nova Scotia.

He purchased lobsters from local fisherman and exported them weekly via steamship to Boston Massachusetts. These live-lobster transactions gave birth to a tradition that has been passed on through four generations of Gidneys. We developed a reputation renowned throughout the world.

Gidney Fisheries Limited continues this tradition of procuring, selecting, processing and delivering the finest quality lobsters harvested from the rich fishing grounds of Bay of Fundy, Saint Mary’s Bay and Southwestern Nova Scotia.

We buy our lobsters from local fishermen, grade them to meet the highest of standards, process them in our technologically advanced storage facilities and deliver them through efficient logistics.

Although lobsters are our core product offering we have a strong history of processing other seafood such as: fresh, frozen and salted ground fish, scallops, crabs and dog fish.

We are proud of having cultivated long-standing and trusted relationships with generations of lobster fishermen from the ports of Digby Neck.

These relationships have empowered us to source out a reliable supply of lobster from passionate fishermen who care about the quality of their catches and take pride in their occupation. Like our family many of these people are fourth generation fisherman.

We are committed to our communities and the sustainability of the fishery in which we have relied on for over 125 years.

Our long-term success has been a result of a tradition of hard work, integrity, trust and a dedication to quality seafood.

Chief Executive Officer