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Coming Soon Summer 2016, High Pressure Processed (HPP) Raw Lobster Meat

With the continued success of our live airfreight exports to international clients around the globe, Gidney Fisheries is expanding operations in 2016 with a new facility to produce High Pressure Processed (HPP) raw frozen lobster meats.

HPP or High Pressure Processing, is a relatively new arrival in the frozen lobster processing industry. It had orignally been introduced in Canada in 2004 and is in very limited supply globally. HPP units have a high presure operating vessel/cylinder which is filled with pressurized water to internal chamber pressures up to 87,000 PSI or up to 6,000 BAR. When live lobsters are placed into an HPP chamber for a normal 6-10 minute operating cycle, the pressure compresses the meat within the lobster shell breaking the bond of the connective tissue and meat to the external shell. The resulting lobster meats are completely raw and can be easily be extracted from the shell completely intact with virtually no damage. The resulting raw lobster meat has no heat used to separate the meat from shell and no additives to adulterate the finshed product flavours.

Raw shucked lobster meats are then cryogenically frozen in a CO2 freezing tunnel at -80C to -90C which flash freezes the meat for optimum “sushi grade”quality and vaccum packed for end customers.

Raw Lobster Before and After
Raw Lobster

The end user/chef can defrost and cook the HPP lobster meat to their preferred texture and flavour profile. HPP lobster is the preferred choice of top chefs globally and the pinnacle of frozen lobster products available in the marketplace today. This raw meat allows chefs to control the cooking times and seasoning to plate the best quality dishes to their guests without the challenges associated with utilizing live lobsters.


Year round – A shift in the traditional frozen lobster processing cycle.

Gidney Fisheries purchases from active lobster fishing seasons, from Oct 15th through to July 31st allowing a continuous supply of fresh caught lobster for 9.5 months of the year. Our three temperature controlled lobster holding facilties with 800,000 + lbs of storage capacity allow us to process HPP frozen lobster meats 12 months of the year. This is a significant consideration when choosing a frozen lobster supplier. With a 12 month supply of processed lobster rather than the traditional 2 month spring and winter processing seasons in Canada, you can order for distribution several times throughout the year with Gidney Fisheries allowing better cash flow manangement, lower warehousing/cold storage costs and fresher product.

Map of Facilites

Located in southwestern Nova Scotia, Gidney Fisheries Ltd has access to fresh caught lobster 9 1⁄2 months of the year and 800,000 lbs + of live holding capacity frozen lobster meats are available year round to our clients.

Products to include – CKT (Claw/Knuckle/Tail), CK (Claw Knuckle), Green Tails (in shell), Tail Meats only, a premium Lobster Roll mix (Claw/Knuckle/Tail and body meat blend) and body meats only. Custom packs available to customer specifications. Our long term sucess has been a result of a tradition of hard work, integrity, trust and a dedication to quality seafood for our clients. We are located approximately two hours from the Halifax International Airport and International Seaport of Halifax allowing us direct shipment to anywhere in the world.


Gidney Fisheries Limited, located on Digby Neck, Nova Scotia, Canada, is a wholesaler and worldwide exporter of live lobster and seafood. We promise to deliver the highest quality of premium hard shell Atlantic lobster and the freshest seafood products available.